Trader Joe’s Organic Flour, All Purpose Flour

This Trader Joe’s organic flour is a relatively new item at TJs, comes unbleached and is priced at a really good value at $3.99 for a 5 pound bag. Trader Joe’s flour comes in a bunch of different varieties, including gluten free flour, almond flour and regular all purpose flour. But this Trader Joe’s organic flour adds a new twist to what’s available and is a great addition for people looking to bake with purely organic ingredients! In general Trader Joe’s organic products are priced well below grocers like Whole Foods and are of just as good quality. Give this new flour a try that’s available next to all the other flours that Trader Joe’s now carries………….

  • unbleached and all purpose flour
  • Net Weight: 5 pounds
  • New product for 2021

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Trader Joe’s Flour, Organic All Purpose

It’s great to see Trader Joe’s organic flour now available as part of the growing number of organic items at TJs. Has anyone used this flour yet? I’m curious to know if people notice any difference in taste or texture with this flour compared to regular unbleached all purpose flour. If anyone has any unique or creative recipes using similar flour, I’d love to hear! There’s a growing number of organic bakeries that only serve organic cupcakes, donuts and pastries, so this is a logical next step for Trader Joe’s. If anyone has a favorite brand of organic flour outside of Trader Joes, let me know! And if you can’t make it out to TJs, give these items a try if you’re baking…..

King Arthur, 100% Organic All-Purpose Unbleached, Non-GMO Project Verified, No Preservatives, 5 Pounds (Pack of 6)

Arrowhead Mills Organic Unbleached All Purpose White Flour, 5 Pound Bag

Price: $3.99

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9 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Organic Flour, All Purpose Flour

  1. I’m an avid baker and I think king Arthur organic flour is quite good. I am actually quite curious to learn which mill provides this flour and further, where the wheat is grown? The difference between gmo wheat and organic wheat from arden mills is considerable in my opinion. I recently bought a bag and I will report back.

    1. Almost nobody is growing GMO wheat. It’s not approved in the U.S., Canada and nearly all other countries.

  2. Shocked at how poorly this worked in chocolate chip cookies. Spread out terribly, flavor no good. I’ve tried organic flours before and have had problems. Should have known better. TJ non organic is a better bet for baking.

  3. I’ve been unimpressed by this flour, particularly for baking sourdough. I usually use king arthur bread flour with 12% protein content,, but went for this because I was at TJs and needed some flour. The dough does not develop gluten like king arthur, nor does it rise like the bread flour from king arthur. my guess is that this is lower quality flour with <9% protein content.

  4. I bought Trader Joe’s Organic flour right before Thanksgiving and made pie crust, using my usual recipe. It calls for 1/4 Cup of cold water after flour and shortening are cut in. I had to add a full 1/2 Cup of water before the dough would even begin to come together. Pie crust was terrible and tough. I’m sure the problem was the flour. Will have to buy another brand before I do my Christmas baking. Do NOT recommend this.

  5. I agree as my sourdough finally rose, but the taste was bland and dry. Also bought it because I was in a pinch and needed flour, thought to try it, and will not do so again.

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