Trader Joe’s Scallion Pancakes, Pajeon

These traditional Korean pancakes, known as PaJeon, are greasy, eggy and incredibly addictive. It’s almost like eating a crisped up flattened omelette when you saute these in the pan. Keep in mind that these Trader Joe’s Scallion Pancakes contain only four pancakes in the entire package but they are big and hearty. I wish more dishes used scallions because there’s something about them in Asian food when they mix with oil that is just delicious. The package says you can defrost them overnight or in the refrigerator, or just cook them straight from frozen. Every time I’ve cooked these scallion pancakes I left them out for a tiny bit to defrost and then sauteed them with oil and they always come out crispy and delicious. They also make your house smell amazing, presumably the scallion, onions, mushroom and egg all cooking in the oil helps form the intoxicating aroma. Can you imagine the smell in your place if you cooked these at the same time as Trader Joe’s Argentinian shrimp?!…….…….

  • 210 calories per pancake
  • Net Weight: 14.1 oz
  • Four large pancakes in each package

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Scallion Pancakes at Trader Joe’s

Apparently these Pa jeon pancakes are eaten in Korea after a night of heavy drinking, presumably so the grease can soak up the alcohol and ease your hangover. I can see how these could be packed in a bag and taken to work, or inhaled after taking down a few beers. How does everyone like to eat these delicious greasy discs of deliciousness? I’d love to know what the best sauce or condiment to use with these would be? I also was searching for some homemade Pajeon Scallion pancake recipes after trying these. Does anyone have a go to scallion pancake recipe!?…..

Price: $3.49

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17 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Scallion Pancakes, Pajeon

  1. I’ve tried to replicate this recipe & I just can’t. These pancakes are so good I can eat the entire package in 1 sitting. If you want to know what to serve with trader joe’s scallion pancakes, you must try some Korean Beef Kalbi short ribs!

    1. I agree Jarrod. I too, would not hesitate to consume the entire pkg in one sitting. They are just delicious!!

    1. I’m addicted to the Taiwanese ones and today found they are unable to get them anymore. I’m crushed. I prefer them to the pa’jeon. I have one left in my freezer. So bummed.

      1. I was just given both the Korean and Taiwanese pancakes as a TJ’s pro tip and can’t find them anywhere.

  2. These are the Best Scallion Pancake you will ever It I make 2 eggs over easy on top after I saute the pancake Delicious!!

  3. Yes, overeasy egg on top is delicious, although I bake my pancakes about 7 minutes per side in 400 degree oven, sprayed with cooking spray first. It’s a quick dinner when you can’t decide what to make. Could not find them at my local TJ’s this week and did not see a spot for them in the freezer, so fingers crossed they come back with Melodious Blend.

    1. …the ONLY reason I’ll stop buying- & enjoying these Scallion Pancakes is if (When) TJ’s “Pulls a TJ’s” [Discontinues yet Another Beloved product]…

        1. they replaced them with a TAIWANESE version that is reminiscent but rather tasteless. I’m heartbroken. YES I know that’s a bit dramatic…but OMG the originals!! OMG!

  4. UPDATE!!!!! I just called my local TJ and they’re coming back! I was told they are expected in the warehouse on the 11th of November. I was instructed to call the store on the 12th and inquire about them reaching the warehouse…if they DID I can pick some up on the 13th!

    I’ll be there an hour before the store opens!

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