Trader Joe’s Yerba Mate, Organic Sparkling Water

This Trader Joe’s Yerba Mate Tea drink is carbonated, flavored with hibiscus and citrus, and gives a really strong caffeinated jolt. I love the taste of these little glass bottles of TJs Yerba mate sparkling water, but they pack 60 mg of caffeine per serving so be prepared for a coffee type kick. Yerba Mate is an interesting type of tea that I think has its own form of caffeine in it, which I find to give a little different buzz than regular coffee caffeine. But this tastes really good, goes down smooth, and is a nice way to mix up your caffeine routine!………….

  • 0 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 12 oz
  • Organic
  • Also comes in Trader Joe’s Green Tea Sparkling Water flavor

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Yerba Mate Sparkling Tea at Trader Joe’s

This Trader Joe’s Yerba mate beverage is one of my favorite new products at Trader Joe’s. It may be partially because the caffeine buzz from it is amazing, but the taste and healthy ingredients also help. The Trader Joe’s green tea sparkling water is also really good in this line of drinks. That one has way less caffeine, but I like the taste even better. What does everyone think of these sparkling waters (or teas I guess right?). Yerba Mate is a plant native to South America that has been used in different ritual ceremonies, and has a super interesting history to it. I’ve had hot Yerba mate tea, but I prefer it with these added flavors in it since the taste of straight Yerba mate can be intense. And if you can’t make it out to TJs, give these items a shot…..

Guayaki Yerba Mate, Organic Drink, Lemon Elation, 15.5 Ounce Cans (Pack of 12), 150mg Caffeine, Alternative to Coffee, Tea and Energy Drinks


Price: $1.99

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One thought on “Trader Joe’s Yerba Mate, Organic Sparkling Water

  1. I’m quite impressed with this drink! It’s fun, flavorful, and refreshing. Great flavor and not too strong.

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