Trader Joe’s Wonton Soup, Chicken and Vegetable

This Trader Joe’s wonton soup is a good tasting and easy to make meal for when you’re craving a salty Asian soup. You just have to add water and microwave the container to come out with a fairly salty and standard tasting wonton soup with four chicken dumplings in it. There’s also a decent amount of vegetables like peapods and carrots. This isn’t the most amazing tasting wonton soup I’ve ever had, but it gets the job done for an easy microwave meal. And as an added bonus, a lot of the super unhealthy ingredients like preservatives and additives that most microwave soups contain are missing here. Trader Joe’s wonton soup is an old standby and is just satisfying enough to convince yourself you have gone to a random Chinese restaurant!…..…….

  • 220 calories per bowl
  • Net Weight: 10.75 oz
  • 6 grams of sugar per bowl

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Trader Ming’s Chicken and Vegetable Wonton Soup

Trader Joe’s soups come in so many different varieties, but I was sort of surprised to see when I was perusing the frozen section that there’s actually not that many frozen soups. At least compared to the refrigerated and canned aisles that seem to have an endless selection to choose from. I like keeping one of these in the back of my freezer for when I feel like a salty soup with a little bit of protein. What is everyone’s favorite recipe or meal to pair this soup with? If you have a go to Trader Joe’s soup, either frozen or not, I would love to hear! I love soup so much but it feels like it’shard to keep up with what’s good since TJs always seems to be trying new soup combos and creations…..

Price: $2.49

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