Trader Joe’s Whiskey and Bourbon

Trader Joe’s Whiskey and Trader Joe’s Bourbon come in a few different varieties, all of them priced well below what you’d expect and mostly drinkable. There’s the Trader Joe’s Tennessee Sour Mash Bourbon Whiskey and the Trader Joe’s Kentucky Bourbon Straight whiskey among several others. If people aren’t familiar with bourbon and whiskey all that much, bourbon is basically American whiskey, and is called different names depending on where and how it’s made. Both of these bottles are actually pretty good, assuming you aren’t used to tasting super pricey, high end bourbons and whiskeys (I am not!). As always, ask the TJs worker for help since they are almost always knowledgeable and friendly………….

  • Tennessee Sour Mash Bourbon Whiskey: 80 proof (40% alcohol), 750 ML bottle, distilled in Tennessee
  • Kentucky Bourbon Straight Whiskey: 90 proof (45% alcohol), 750 ML bottle, distilled by Bourbon Square Distilling Company, Louisville, KY

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Trader Joe’s Whiskey Bourbon

The Trader Joe’s liquor department varies by each state and store, but most TJ’s stores that sell booze carry both name brand hard liquors and ones with the Trader Joe’s logo. You can buy Jack Daniel’s Whiskey at most Trader Joe’s, as well as Jameson Irish Whiskey and Putnam Rye Whiskey. The great thing is if you don’t know much about bourbon or whiskey, you at least know you aren’t getting ripped off. Trader Joe’s liquor prices are consistently cheaper or as cheap as big box wine stores, and generally the TJ’s brands are far cheaper than anywhere else. That being said, the taste and depth of flavor varies widely, and you generally get what you pay for…..

Price: Trader Joe’s Whiskey, Tennessee Sour Mash Bourbon Whiskey: $14.99 for 750 ML bottle

Trader Joe’s Kentucky Bourbon Straight Whiskey: $14.99 for 750 ML bottle

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