Trader Joe’s Vegan Cream Cheese

Trader Joe’s vegan cream cheese is one of the best tasting vegan cream cheeses on the market. I have tried several of the big brands and this is at the top. Made with coconut oil and cultures among other things, this has a really pleasant tang to it. Like regular cream cheese, it can separate a bit if it sits for awhile, but is easily whipped up with a spoon. I know people that eat vegan love this for different creative recipes. Let me know your favorite vegan recipes with this Trader Joe’s vegan cream cheese and I will post the best ones! ……….

  • Performs great in recipes that call for cream cheese
  • Net Weight: 8 oz
  • Made with coconut oil
  • Dairy free and lactose free

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Vegan Cream Cheese -Trader Joe’s

Vegan cream cheese recipes can be tricky because some of the vegan cream cheeses on the market act a lot different than others when mixing into recipes for baking or spreading. How does everyone think this compares to the name brand vegan cream cheeses, or the other ones Trader Joe’s has carried like Miyoko’s cream cheese? I am a sucker for flavored cream cheeses like salmon or chive and scallion. But I haven’t tried any of the Miyoko’s cream cheese flavors that TJ’s has carried over the last several years.

Let me know your favorite vegan flavored cream cheeses and I will definitely try a bunch and report back my favorites! Usually if I don’t know what to do with vegan or regular cream cheese I just break out the veggies like carrots or celery and start dipping away. At least I’m avoiding going carb crazy when I do that, although prob not the best when I polish off the small tub in one sitting….

Price: $2.99

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