Trader Joe’s Tofu Scramble, Soy Chorizo Bowl

This Trader Joe’s tofu scramble soy chorizo bowl is a really good vegan breakfast option with 25 grams of protein and gluten free. TJs has made the tofu a stand in for scrambled eggs, and if you didn’t know what this breakfast bowl was made with, you might think you’re eating eggs with sausage , veggies and cheese. It doesn’t have the absolute best flavor or texture, but this is not an easy item to find whether you’re at a restaurant or especially at the grocery. I think this microwaveable frozen vegan entree is going to become a really solid staple for vegans…..…….

  • 26 grams of protein per bowl
  • Net Weight: 10 oz
  • 370 calories per bowl

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Soy Chorizo Bowl Tofu Scramble at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s soy chorizo is an all time store favorite, so now that they’ve put it in a tofu breakfast bowl, it seems like the possibilities are endless. I think a little bit of Tabasco or Trader Joe’s hot sauce would go perfectly on this tofu scramble bowl. If anyone has tried this with other sauces (creamy jalapeno sauce?), let us know! And if you can’t make it out to TJs, give these items a try…..

Mori-Nu Silken Extra Firm Tofu 12.3oz x 12 Pack

– Tsubi Miso Soup FREEZE DRIED, VEGAN INSTANT SOUP, LOW CARB NON-GMO GLUTEN FREE NO MSG, 6 oz Servings (White Miso w/Seaweed & Tofu, 4 Pack (Box))

Price: $3.99

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One thought on “Trader Joe’s Tofu Scramble, Soy Chorizo Bowl

  1. Like so many Traders frozens, the idea is great, the descriptive story, compelling, the photo, you want to eat.
    But, come to the plate and it is bland.
    I think they would be well served to promote, “doctoring,” as a seamless part of the purchasing protocol, yes, complete with those same very good ideas.

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