Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil, 100% Australian

This Trader Joe’s tea tree oil is 100% Australian, comes in a small 1 ounce glass bottle and is super pungent and strong. Tea tree oil has antiseptic qualities and definitely should be watered down a bit or applied to a cotton swab to use it. It can be used for a bunch of different things, including to help treats cut or wounds, as a hand sanitizer or to help treat acne. Keep in mind that this is a lot more powerful and strong than Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo since this isn’t watered down at all. Tea tree oil isn’t that easy to find at most groceries, and this is priced below a lot of natural grocers and places like Whole Foods…….…….

  • 100% Australian
  • Net Weight: 1 fluid oz
  • Ingredient is Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea tree) oil

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100% Australian Tea Tree Oil at Trader Joe’s

This tea tree oil has an incredibly strong oil and antiseptic scent to it, and it can burn slightly if you try and apply it to your face without first watering it down a bit. The smell reminds me of how Clearasil or other acne medications used to smell way back in the day, just a lot stronger. I’d love to hear how everyone uses this tea tree oil, and if you find it effective or not?! If there are any unexpected uses for this I’d be curious to know since I know the popularity of this is massive. Unless you need this for a specific purpose, I’d stick with the products that TJs has had over the years with less concentrated tea tree oil. There’s the tea tree facial cleanser, tea tree mouthwash and Trader Joe’s tea tree shampoo just to name a few if you like just a hint of this oil and it’s beneficial qualities. If you can’t make it to TJs in person, check these other options out…..

Handcraft Tea Tree Essential Oil – 100% Pure and Natural – Premium Therapeutic Grade with Premium Glass Dropper – Huge 4 fl. Oz

Trader Joe’s Spa 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil

Price: $5.99

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