Trader Joe’s Sweet Potatoes, Mashed and Frozen

These Trader Joe’s sweet potatoes are super easy to heat up, and are naturally sweet and creamy. Because they are mashed sweet potatoes with no other ingredients, they are a perfect way to get nutrients with almost no prep work. Just pop the little pucks of frozen mashed sweet potato in the microwave and in about 5 minutes you have creamy mashed sweet potatoes. I usually add a little butter to melt inside the creamy mash and add even more richness to the dish. These Trader Joe’s sweet potatoes are a really good deal for less than $3, especially considering how expensive individual sweet potatoes can be. And those still require a decent amount of cooking and prep time if you are planning on making them creamy and mashed like these come!…….…….

  • 110 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 18 oz
  • Easy to heat up in microwave or on stove top

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Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato

These are a great option for an easy Thanksgiving side dish. I promise you that no one will know you bought these out of a freezer bag. When you heat them up, and especially after adding maybe some Trader Joe’s pumpkin pie spice and butter, these legit taste homemade. TJ’s also sells refrigerated mashed sweet potatoes and other variations during the holidays, but in my experience these frozen sweet potatoes are the best deal. They also let you add your own things to it since they are basically a blank canvas. You could even make a sort of candied yam dish out of these by adding marshmallows! What has everyone used these for in different recipes or meals? I do like baking a whole sweet potato also, but this is a nice alternative to that……

Price: $2.49

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