Trader Joe’s Steak, Grass Fed

This Trader Joe’s steak is a grass fed ribeye beef that has a good flavor but is pricey at over $20/lb. There isn’t quite as much marbling as a regular ribeye steak normally, and the grass fed flavor is generally a little funkier if you aren’t used to it. I think that somewhat unique grass fed taste is fantastic, you just have to be prepared for a lot less fatty meat.

These Trader Joe’s steaks, like all of their beef, is vacuum packed and trimmed. The great thing about that is that they last way longer than a normal steak would from your butcher since they aren’t exposed to air at all. If you are looking for an organic and grass fed ribeye steak, this is a decent choice. Trader Joe’s used to carry frozen grass fed ribeyes at nearly half the price of these per pound. But as of now they discontinued both the frozen grass fed strip steaks and the ribeyes………….

Organic Grass Fed Beef Ribeye Steak at Trader Joe’s

The meat section at Trader Joe’s can be hit or miss in terms of how good a value you are getting. At one time this would have been a great deal for an organic grass fed ribeye that wasn’t frozen. But places like Aldi now carry grass fed steaks for a lot less than this price of $22.30 per pound. Granted, its not that easy to find grass fed ribeyes for much cheaper than this, but strip steaks can definitely be found for cheaper. Of course if you don’t care about whether or not your steak is grass fed, you can pay way, way less than this for a delicious tasting ribeye! A lot of the grass fed beef in groceries seems to come from New Zealand, but this Trader Joe’s beef is sourced in the United States…..

Price: $22.38/lb

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  1. I bought a Trader Joe’s grass fed organic sirloin steak. It was one of the worst steaks ever had. It was so tough and fibrous even though I marinated it all day and it didn’t have much flavor. I’m very disappointed.

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