Trader Joe’s Soft Pretzels, Big Super Pretzels

These Trader Joe’s soft pretzels come fully cooked, with a package of salt included. There are four pretzels in each bag, ready to be heated up in the oven or left out to defrost. They are a nice chewy and soft texture, with a bit of a crisp to it if you heat them in the oven. You’ll definitely want to put the salt on it, and even dip it in some cheese or mustard. I got some Trader Joe’s queso like TJs recommends to go with it, and it was delicious heated up with the pretzel dipped in it. I’d imagine some of the sweet and savory mustards Trader Joe’s now has would go really well with these super soft pretzels. You can maybe attempt to microwave these frozen pretzels, but I haven’t tried it and I think that would zap them of all their moisture…….…….

  • 220 calories per pretzel
  • Net Weight: 10.6 oz
  • Made in Germany

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Trader Joe’s Big Soft Pretzel

These aren’t super strong or crazy tasting soft pretzels, mostly because they are made like traditional German big pretzels. These are more there to soak up the beer you’re drinking or act as a side for a sausage or sauerkraut dish. Has anyone dipped these in a delicious homemade sauce with a good recipe? There is something about the simplicity of a really good pretzel that is fresh out of the oven, dipped in a warm sauce, with big salt crystals clinging to it. I can see why these German pretzels are so popular over there. So open up a Trader Joe’s Bavarian beer, put a few of these big soft superpretzels in the oven and make a fire. And appreciate the quality ingredients that are in these Trader Joe’s superpretzels!……

Price: $2.49

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