Trader Joe’s Shakshuka Starter, Just Add Eggs

This Trader Joe’s shakshuka starter is a delicious and cheap blend of spicy tomatoes, peppers, garlic and onions. Just pop the container in the microwave and add a few fried eggs to it for an authentic Middle Eastern style breakfast or lunch. Shakshuka has become popular in the last few years, so Trader Joe’s hopped on the trend and has produced a really good tasting version for a price of under $2. This is basically a savory and spicy stew that traditionally you would add a few eggs to, but can also just be eaten as a low calorie, low sugar snack. It’s ready to eat after a few minutes in the microwave and is a good way to mix up your breakfast routine………….

  • 160 calories per package
  • Net Weight: 9 oz
  • Spiced stew of tomatoes and peppers

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Trader Joe’s Shakshuka Starter

Trader Joe’s has a growing number of Middle Eastern frozen options these days, with Shakshuka being one of the better ones. What is everyone’s favorite recipe or way to use this Shakshuka starter? I normally have made fried eggs to add to this, but if there is a better way to prepare eggs I’d love to know. I’d imagine poached eggs would also work pretty well to add to this savory, spicy stew. If there are some amazing Middle Eastern frozen meals that I may have overlooked, I’d love to know everyone’s go to frozen entrees! The TJs frozen section is always a great way to see the best trends in ethnic cuisine, which seems like a crazy thing to say, but is pretty much true. If you need me I’ll be in the frozen aisle searching for the next big thing…..

Price: $1.99

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