Trader Joe’s Samosas, Mini Vegetable

These Trader Joe’s Samosas are bite sized phyllo fried dough triangles filled with a somewhat spicy mixture of vegetables and Indian spices. They are easy to pop in the oven and crisp up, and are a perfect unique appetizer or quick snack. They are in the frozen aisle next to the Trader Joe’s mini samosas with chicken. Both varieties are good, and will fill you up if you have more than a few since the dough and filling is so dense. There are 12 mini samosas in each package, and both the chicken and vegetable samosas are made in Canada. These remind me a bit of the Aldi Samosas but with a tad healthier ingredients……..…….

  • 160 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 8.5 oz
  • Trader Joe’s mini samosas come in vegetable or chicken

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Vegetable Samosas at Trader Joe’s

Samosas may not be the healthiest snack in the world, but they do have a lot of flavor and you definitely know you are eating an Indian dish when you bite into these. There are a bunch of different spices in the filling, including turmeric and garlic. And the veggie filling has peas, carrots, lentils and potatoes that according to Trader Joe’s, make up 50% of the recipe, which is more than a lot of brands use for the filling.

Basically these aren’t just a big triangle of fried dough with just a tiny bit of filling mixture like some brands. There have been a few different mini Trader Joe’s samosas over the years, but this latest version is one of the better ones that TJs has sold. And for a price of $3.49, you may as well give these a shot if you’re a vegan looking for a new and unique appetizer…..

Price: $3.49

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