Trader Joe’s Protein Bars, RX

These Trader Joe’s RX Bars are one of many different varieties of protein bars at TJ’s. This has a pretty good chocolate peanut butter thing going on, especially considering their super simple and healthy ingredients. The only ingredients in this Peanut Butter Chocolate RX bar are dates, peanuts, egg whites, chocolate, natural flavors, cocoa, and sea salt. There are a few different flavors of RX bars and I’d put this one near the top. Trader Joe’s also carries brands like Clif bars and Kind bars. The price of protein bars at Trader Joe’s is consistently lower than all chain groceries, unless you’re buying in bulk at a place like Costco, so these are priced fairly at under $2. The price of protein bars like these can climb crazy high at natural grocers and places like Whole Foods………….

  • 210 calories per vegan bar
  • Net Weight: 1.83 oz
  • 12 grams of protein per bar

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Trader Joe’s RX Bars

Yes, these Trader Joe’s protein bars have over 200 calories in them and 14 grams of sugar. The positive is that all the sugar is naturally occurring with no added sugars. Considering that this protein bar has 14 grams of protein in it, 210 calories calories is actually a great bang for your buck. So if you are looking for a healthy protein bar that is packed with nutrients and doesn’t have a ton of weird ingredients, this is your huckleberry! What is everyone’s favorite type of TJs protein bar? I haven’t tried many of them so let me know your favorite brand and your favorite flavor combinations! I have to start making my way through all the vegan protein bars at TJ’s soon instead of snacking on those delicious little chomps beef sticks!….

Price: $1.99

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