Trader Joe’s Pork Belly, Fully Cooked

You love bacon. I love bacon. Enter Trader Joe’s with this incredible tasting fully cooked pork belly. This is such a time saver and flavor enhancer that it seems too good to be true. When you crisp this up or drop it in soup or other recipes, this adds an insane amount of fatty and rich flavor. If you try and make homemade pork belly or use a pork belly recipe, you better be ready for a lot of work and cleanup.

I love making regular bacon, especially by putting it in the oven in a pyrex lined with parchment paper. It was a revelation for me when I realized I didn’t have to make it in my skillet or microwave. A lot less cleanup and hassle. But pork belly is even fattier than most cured, store bought bacon, so having it fully cooked is an even bigger win. This TJ’s pork belly is $8.65/lb and it comes in a 12 oz portion for $6.49.

  • Fully cooked
  • Net Weight: 12 oz
  • Vacuum packed so it lasts in fridge a long time

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Trader Joe’s Pork Belly

With all the time you save not having to cook your own pork belly or cured bacon, I’d love to know how everyone uses this pre cooked pork belly?! So far I’ve seared it like I would bacon in the skillet and it was amazing and crispy. I put it in my Trader Joe’s chicken noodle soup, and I even tried it cold when I was suuuuuper lazy (I recommend heating it up). Remember the pork belly has already been cooked once so when you put it in the skillet, it’s not going to cause such a huge mess like raw pork belly would!…..

Price: $6.49

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