Trader Joe’s Popcorn, Organic Whole Grain

This Trader Joe’s popcorn is organic, comes in a 28 oz bag, and is perfect for making popcorn on your stove top. Organic popcorn is becoming more common, but this has been around at TJs for a good while, and is still priced below most grocery chains at $2.49. I’m usually too lazy to even add oil to a pan and make these popcorn kernels, but this is definitely healthier than microwaved popcorn. You can use pretty much any oil to make this in a pan, including olive oil or canola oil. It pops really quickly and has a really good taste to it (especially when you melt butter over it and add salt!). Just don’t turn the temperature too high or you’ll burn the popcorn and create a big smoky mess…..…….

  • 100 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 28 oz
  • Only ingredient is whole grain organic popping corn

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Organic Popping Corn at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s popcorn comes in a bunch of different varieties and flavors already popped, but generally this is the only one that comes with just the kernels. Over the years TJs has carried the corn on the cob popcorn that comes with an actual corn cob to be microwaved. That’s my favorite one since you get the ease of microwaving it but still no other ingredients. Plus, it’s cool to see the whole cob start sprouting popcorn! In any case, this organic popcorn begs for different spices or butter or salt to be added to it to liven it up. What is everyone’s favorite spice or topping to add to plain popcorn? I’d imagine everything but the elote seasoning or truffle seasoning or umami seasoning would all be amazing with this…..

Price: $2.49

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3 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Popcorn, Organic Whole Grain

  1. I,ve made the TJ’s organic popping corn twice and followed the directions of adding 3 tablespoons of oil, letting 2 or 3 kernals start to pop and then add the half a cup. Everything pops and after putting in a big bowl I tossed in some melted butter and sea salt. My complaint is that the popcorn was a bit chewy. Would adding less oil to the pot help? Please let me know, many thanks. S Bregman

    1. Sonya, Make sure the oil is getting hot enough and that you are using enough oil. Also, the pot should be vented enough to let out steam so the Trader Joe’s popcorn doesn’t get too chewy. Thanks for reading.

  2. This used to be so good. I don’t know what happened. Now every bite I take I’m spitting kernels out. It’s too much work to eat. Weird.

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