Trader Joe’s Panettone, Classic Italian Bread

This Trader Joe’s panettone is one of my favorite seasonal holiday treats at TJs. This version is moist and sweet, made in Italy and striking the perfect balance between chewy, moist and sweet. This is a traditional Italian dessert, and I will say a lot of the prepackaged desserts at Trader Joe’s should really be bought at a local bakery. But this Trader Joe’s panettone version really is an excellent replication of a legit Italian bakery panettone. It may not look like much in the box, but once you try it I think it’ll be a favorite at a holiday gathering,………….

  • 360 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 3.52 oz
  • 21 grams of sugar per serving
  • Made in Italy

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Italian Panettone Classico at Trader Joe’s

This classic Trader Joe’s panettone has a richness to it that is perfect for such a little mini sweet bread like this. These come in little 3.5 ounce packages, and are the perfect mini gift to bring to a party or just to lay out during the holidays. If anyone has made homemade panettone, I’d love to know the recipe. How would everyone compare this TJs panettone to other bakery versions they’ve had? I know a lot of people sort of confuse panettone with fruitcake, but panettone is way better tasting with a lot more dense and nuanced flavor. And if you can’t make it out to TJs, give these items a try…..

Bauducco Panettone Classic, Moist & Fresh, Traditional Italian Recipe, Holiday Cake, 26.2oz

Gran Panettone Italian Cake, 35.25 oz (MADI CAKE 1 KG)

Price: $3.99

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3 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Panettone, Classic Italian Bread

  1. This year I bought a wrapped in beautiful purple Pannetone at Trader Joe’s. It had no markings on it.

    It was spectacular. The best Pannetone ever and tied with the best desserts you can eat.

    Can you find out who in Italy made this Pannetone? Wow. It was about 12. Worth so much more. It was just perfect!

    I’d love to know the baker. I don’t think it is the same baker as TJ’s regular Pannetone.

    Thanks for your help. It just was most superior. So nuanced.

    1. My mom says they’re the best deal around – and she’s been eating pannetoni all her life, so she has had homemade, and from Italia with pignoli, without pignoli and every different way there is. Too bad this only gets sold at Christmas time.

    2. I had a chocolate panettone with unmarked beautiful giftwrapping paper. Apparently it was made by Scar Pier. It was fantastic. This could be wgat you had.

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