Trader Joe’s Overnight Oats

These Trader Joe’s Overnight Oats are creamy, filling and delicious. The slight chunkiness of the almond butter mixes well with the rolled oats to create a nutrient packed little container of goodness. There are basically only five ingredients in the container, so this is a super healthy and easy way to have a breakfast at work or if you are in a hurry. This doesn’t have any added sugar in it, but 13 grams of sugar overall. There is of course a few other flavors that TJs carries like Trader Joe’s vanilla overnight oats. This one is a bit healthier than that but doesn’t have as strong a flavor. Find this in the refrigerated section…….…….

  • 340 calories per container
  • Net Weight: 5.5 oz
  • Ingredients are water, almond butter, rolled oats, date paste, chia seeds, and sea salt

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Overnight Oats at Trader Joe’s

How does everyone use these overnight oats on a daily basis? Do you usually just eat them right out of the container or add some fruit and other things to it? I know some friends of mine that love this as a way to be lazy and still get all the benefits of overnight oats. As much as I like overnight oats, the almond butter can be a slight overkill for me since most days I mix some Greek yogurt with Trader Joe’s almond butter and add pumpkin pie spice to it. It fills me up and tastes almost like an indulgent dessert! I am curious to know everyone’s morning eating routine and what your favorite TJ’s products are that make it really easy for you most mornings. My laziness usually takes over when I first get up and I don’t end up eating until almost lunchtime…….

Price: $1.99

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