Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken, Mandarin Style

The classic Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken remains a freezer staple. The picture just looks so good on the cover doesn’t it? Ok, so it is definitely harder to prepare than one would think. But if you follow the directions and ignore the nutritional value, you will come out with a restaurant quality orange chicken entree! The sweetness of the sauce. The crispiness of the chicken (def. sautee it with oil). And the hot sugary sauce all over the chicken as you dig in. So good. And under $5 somehow. I keep waiting for TJ’s to put out variations on this but maybe I’m just missing what’s out there. What do people like to pair this with? Have you ever made your own massive pot of rice and just dumped the Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken into it? I may have. …….

  • Restaurant quality Chinese for under $5
  • Follow instructions exactly for best taste!
  • Part of the Trader Ming’s line
  • Net Weight: 22 oz
  • Chicken can be heated up in air fryer

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Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken

You really can’t go wrong with TJ’s mandarin orange chicken. Now occasionally I just won’t feel like preparing it even though I’m craving the flavor of it. And I look at the directions and say to myself, ‘I’m ordering in Chinese food’. But usually to save money I go with this trusty chicken dish and am never mad I did. What other frozen Trader Ming’s dishes does everyone recommend? I generally don’t go to the Asian dishes often mainly because some of them don’t seem super healthy. But I love them for a good splurge. Let me know all your Trader Joe’s frozen recommendations. I know there are always some hidden gems in the TJ’s freezer aisle that somehow escape me! And if you can’t make it out to TJs, give these items a try….

Panda Sauce for Mandarin Chicken

Panda Express Orange Sauce

Price: $4.99

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