Trader Joe’s Mexican Corn, with Cotija Cheese

This Trader Joe’s Mexican corn with Cotija cheese is an interesting frozen side dish, with a pleasant tasting tangy cheese and smoky sauce, coupled with the sweetness of the corn. This is TJs take on roasted Mexican street corn, and it has some really good flavor to it, while also being sort of a pain to prepare. The Cotija cheese, which is similar to a cross between crumbly Parmesan and Feta comes in it’s own packet. So does the smoky and savory sauce. Once you add the sweet corn with the sauce and cheese, it actually has a really good flavor. You can either use the microwave or the stove top, with the stove top method of course tasting a lot better…….…….

  • 180 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 14 oz
  • Mexican street corn with Cotija cheese and a smoky, savory sauce
  • The cheese, sauce and corn all come in separate packets

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Roasted Mexican Corn at Trader Joe’s

You have to hand it to TJs for giving this dish a shot, but I wish there was a tad more Cotija cheese and a somewhat spicier sauce included. But overall this really is a pretty interesting dish that is a great addition to burrito bowls, nachos or as a side for chicken or beef. It’s funny when people complain about some little aspects of these Trader Joe’s frozen meals when it almost seems like a small miracle they have even created a semblance of dishes like this from a frozen packet. What is everyone’s favorite recipe or way to use this Trader Joe’s Mexican corn? I like putting it on top of nachos or just having it as a side for grilled chicken breast…..

Price: $3.29

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