Trader Joe’s Mango Sorbet, Gluten Free

This Trader Joe’s mango sorbet is smooth, rich and a perfect mix of sweet mango tasting goodness. This comes from mangoes grown in Australia, and has a distinctly mango taste to it, unlike some sorbets that are full of artificial flavors. This is great for eating by itself of course, or putting in smoothies or milkshakes. It’s hard not to love the taste of sugar and mangoes combined, especially with the super smooth texture of this sorbet. It’s easy to forget about this sorbet that’s been around a long time at TJs, but it’s one of my favorite sorbets or ice cream in the store. Just keep one of these in the back of your freezer for when you want a refreshing and sweet treat………….

  • 140 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 33.81 oz
  • Gluten free
  • Product of Australia

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Mango Sorbet at Trader Joe’s

There are so many different mango products at Trader Joe’s that it has to be one of the most used items in the entire store. There’s the dried mango, mango mochi ice cream, and mango kefir just to name a few. And of course there’s the products that have come and gone over the years like mango sorbet bon bons and mango coconut pudding. What is everyone’s favorite recipe or way to use this mango sorbet in a smoothie or milkshake? Or for gluten free folks, is there a good gluten free recipe you’ve used this in? I like to have a col and creamy bowl of this sorbet after I have a particularly hot or spicy meal since its really smooth and a good palette cleanser. If I’m forgetting a delicious mango related item at TJs, let me know!….

Price: $4.49

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One thought on “Trader Joe’s Mango Sorbet, Gluten Free

  1. My Family has just recently used up all our Trader Joe’s Mango Sorbet so we set out to get more and found out that they don’t stock it in the summer months in the US. Too bad, they would’ve been a great treat for these warm summer days. I guess we have to find another brand to hold us over till TJ’s gets this back in stock.

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