Trader Joe’s Hot Dogs, Grass Fed

These Trader Joe’s hot dogs are grass fed, come in a pack of six, and are really delicious. They have a really nice spice to them, and can easily be charred up on the grill or boiled on the stove top. You can of course put them in a hot skillet also to get a good char on the outside. I’ve put them in the microwave wrapped in a damp paper towel and they turn out fine that way too. I usually eat several of these in one sitting and don’t feel guilty in the least since the ingredients are essentially spices, beef and sea salt. Put these in a Trader Joe’s hot dog bun or brioche bun, add some mustard and grilled onions, and you are good to go!…..…….

  • 130 calories per hot dog
  • Net Weight: 12 oz
  • Organic, grass fed and uncured hot dogs

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Trader Joe’s Grass Fed Hot Dogs

Trader Joe’s has had several different variations of hot dogs over the years, but these are definitely the healthiest with the best ingredients they’ve ever sold. I know some people say that these have somewhat of a funky smell and taste to them, but really that’s just what all real grass fed beef smells like. Its a funkier taste because the animal has been eating things that have a different flavor profile than regular beef hot dogs.

What does everyone like to put on their hot dogs? I know sometimes people look down on adults putting ketchup on hot dogs, but I for one like ketchup on my hot dog! But I do usually prefer mustard and grilled onions. I once tried to put one of these in a Trader Joe’s bagel to make a homemade bagel dog and it tasted really good, but didn’t quite fit since the hot dog was way longer than the bagel. Oh well…..

Price: $5.99

Price: $5.99

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