Trader Joe’s Hold the Cone, Peppermint

This Trader Joe’s Hold the Cone peppermint ice cream flavored dessert is one of my favorite frozen treats that TJs sells. These Trader Joe’s mini ice cream cones come in a package of 8, and if you can just eat one or two, you are a better person than I am. I always eat at least half the package when I first open these crunchy, chocolate, peppermint delights. I like the regular old Trader Joe’s hold the cone vanilla ice cream mini cones also, but these are my absolute favorite. There’s something about the way the peppermint ice cream mixes with the little cone and the chocolate at the bottom of the cone and surrounding the ice cream that is incredible. These are like drumsticks but tiny and way better!………….

  • 260 calories per cone
  • Net Weight: 7.9 oz
  • 8 mini ice cream cones

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Trader Joe’s Mini Ice Cream Cones

I love peppermint ice cream so I am a little biased when it comes to this hold the cone variety, but I could easily eat an entire package of these in 15 minutes or so. They nailed the little chocolate at the bottom inside of Trader Joe’s Hold the Cone, just like drumsticks have, and they made the sugar cone stay just crunchy enough to be the perfect texture with the chocolate and ice cream. What is everyone’s favorite hold the cone variety? If you could make your own version, what ice cream or coating would you put in it? I think I’d make a mini cone, filled with sweet cream ice cream and covered in white chocolate! Not that I’ve thought about it or anything. I’m not a huge chocolate ice cream fan, but I know that would be hugely popular too…..

Price: $2.99

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