Trader Joe’s Hand Sanitizer

This Trader Joe’s grapefruit and lemon hand sanitizer spray is super convenient. It comes in a tiny 2 oz bottle that somehow still lasts forever. The smell is great and it dispenses the perfect amount. I’ve had it in my car or my bag for weeks and use it regularly. It’s still going and still smells fresh. The grapefruit and lemon really cut the alcohol smell well. And it’s 74% alcohol so it’s well above the minimum alcohol to be effective. I thought it had been discontinued when my Trader Joe’s store briefly only had the Dr. Bronners hand sanitizer but apparently it was just a warehouse issue..…….

  • 74% alcohol
  • Kills 99.99% of germs
  • Net Weight: 2 oz
  • With moisturizing aloe and vitamin E

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Trader Joe’s Hand Sanitizer Spray

This really is a great deal for under $2. I spray my hands after touching highly touched surfaces and it doesn’t leave any film or residue. I will say occasionally I don’t feel like the big scent when I’m just trying to do a quick disinfecting but it still beats a strong alcohol scent. This hand sanitizer spray is no longer behind the counter and should be back on the shelves to buy! If it ever does get discontinued or they run out of stock I’ve found the Dr. Bronners hand sanitizer spray that Trader Joe’s also sells to be equally as pleasant and effective. I think there may be a few more varieties of hand sanitizer I’m missing here, so let me know if there’s others at TJ’s that you prefer. As a side note, I have always liked that shaking hands logo that Trader Joe’s uses on their hand sanitizer spray. It’s like the man from the Fearless Flyer popped out of the cartoon and onto the bottle!

Price: $1.99

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