Trader Joe’s Gorgonzola Gnocchi, Made in Italy

This Trader Joe’s Gorgonzola gnocchi is a rich, creamy and blue cheesey tasting frozen meal. It’s one of now many different Trader Joe’s gnocchis in the frozen aisle. It’s not my favorite one of the bunch, but if you like the Gorgonzola/blue cheese taste, you will love this savory, easy to make frozen meal. This is simple to make in the microwave, and the sauce is an incredibly flavorful addition to the soft and somewhat chewy gnocchi. As with all the gnocchi at Trader Joe’s, don’t overcook this or the gnocchi can get sort of rubbery and mushy. As crazy as it sounds to cook pasta in the microwave to al dente, it makes the dish taste a lot better because of the texture………….

  • 750 calories per package
  • Net Weight: 16 oz
  • Made in Italy
  • Can make in the microwave or on the stove top
  • From the Trader Giotto’s product line

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Gorgonzola Gnocchi at Trader Joe’s

There are so many delicious gnocchis to choose from now at TJs, that I sometimes forget about ones I’ve had. It seems like they are adding new flavors by the month, so I can’t imagine how popular they all must be! My favorite Trader Joe’s gnocchi is either the Sweet Potato Gnocchi with brown butter and sage or when I’m eating healthy the regular Cauliflower Gnocchi. What is everyone’s favorite Trader Joe’s gnocchi flavor? The kale gnocchi is really good if you want something low carb and keto friendly and the gnocchi alla sorentina is also really, really good! You can also make this in on the stovetop by just heating up some oil and tossing the gnocchi for about 7 minutes. It comes out a little crispier but is of course a tad more work…..

Price: $3.29

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