Trader Joe’s Fruit Chews, Starburst Candy

These Trader Joe’s fruit chews are TJs latest knockoff candy creation, adding Starburst to the likes of M & Ms and Jelly Belly jelly beans in their candy aisle. I really like these starburst clones. They actually seem to have an even stronger, better fruit flavor than actual Starburst, although they seem a bit softer and not as chewy as real Starburst. I think I like these Trader Joe’s fruit chews better than real Starburst, with all the colors essentially tasting like strong fruit flavors. I would put these up with the Trader Joe’s jelly beans as one of my favorite TJs candies. And of course these have way healthier ingredients than regular Starburst. These are a definite win in my book as a new product for 2021!………….

  • 120 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 8 oz
  • No artificial colors of flavors
  • Comes in strawberry, orange, cherry, lemon and raspberry flavors
  • Officially called Trader Joe’s Fruity Chewy Candy

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Trader Joe’s Starburst Fruit Chews

I love when Trader Joe’s makes knockoff candies of famous brands that actually taste better and are way healthier. These Trader Joe’s fruit chews fit that bill, are super tasty and fruity, and have a really good softness to them that actual Starburst are lacking. What is everyone’s favorite flavor of these new TJs fruit chews? I’d love to know how people would compare these to Trader Joe’s jelly beans or M & Ms in terms of other clone TJs candies!? And if you can’t make it out to TJs, give these items a try…..

Starburst Original Fruit Chews 2 Pounds BULK 200 Pieces Approximately – FRESH

Starburst Original Fruit Chews Candy, 2.07 Ounce (36 Single Packs)

Price: $3.29

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