Trader Joe’s Flatbread, Rustic Ciabatta

This Trader Joe’s flatbread is perfect for making a pizza or as a hearty side dish to dip in some olive oil. It’s super easy to pop this in the oven and crisp it up, and then add some pizza sauce and toppings. This has a pretty good basil and sea salt seasoning to it that complements a sausage pizza really well. There are a few different flatbreads at Trader Joe’s, but this is definitely one of the better ones. It holds up well when cooked, and has a pleasant chewy texture to it even when crisped up on its edges and bottom. There’s something comforting about the heartiness of a good ciabatta bread. If you haven’t made flatbread pizza before, give this a shot. But I will say your kids may not like this as much a normal pizza crust!…..…….

  • 120 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 14 oz
  • Good for making pizzas or as a side

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Flatbread at Trader Joe’s

This is kind of like a new school version of the Boboli pizza crust that you used to get as a kid. We’d get the little kit with the pizza crust, pizza sauce and super old pepperonis and create a homemade pizza. It really didn’t taste that great, but it was still exciting to pretend to be a pizza maker. This is a way better version of that, especially if you use the Trader Joe’s pizza sauce and maybe add some ricotta cheese and prosciutto. What is everyone’s favorite homemade flatbread pizza recipe to make? There are so many delicious combos, like grilled chicken and alfredo sauce or bbq chicken and bbq sauce. I think my favorite one to make with this is a homemade version of the Trader Joe’s BBQ Chicken Pizza……

Price: $2.99

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