Trader Joe’s Feta Cheese, Crumbled

Trader Joe’s Feta cheese has a great tang and smoothness to it, and is perfect for sprinkling over salads or burgers. Keep in mind that TJs feta comes in a few different varieties. There is the organic crumbled feta cheese and hunk of feta in brine, among others. I love the unique taste of feta and how it sort of perfectly breaks apart over whatever salad or meat you out it on. I honestly have not done a ton of cooking with feta since it is is delirious just eating it on it’s own. Does anyone have any great recipes where they use feta?!………….

  • 70 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 6 oz
  • Comes crumbled for easy use on salads

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Trader Joe’s Crumbled Feta Cheese

This is one of my favorite cheeses at Trader Joe’s. The real issue is I’m always torn between all the amazing cheeses at TJ’s. One cheese that I love putting in a pan or on the grill that always reminds me of feta is the insanely amazing Trader Joe’s Halloumi grillable cheese. Of course that’s only available seasonally. The different versions of feta are usually available year round, and are a delicious way to add flavor to any Greek inspired dish, all for an under $3 price!

I still have never tried the Trader Joe’s organic feta cheese. Do people think the taste is any better or different, or is the fact that it’s organic worth the extra 60 cents or so? Cheese is definitely one of those items that I’m never sure if buying organic is worth it or not. If anyone knows the deal with organic cheeses vs regular cheese, let me know! Now I will go peruse the TJs cheese aisle for an hour …..

Price: $2.69

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