Trader Joe’s Falafel Mix, Just Add Water

This Trader Joe’s Falafel mix is easy to make and really does taste like it was made in a restaurant. Of course, that’s only if you use the frying in oil method, which is a tad more laborious. The crunch you get on the outside with a soft and delicious inside makes this TJ’s falafel mix a revelation considering all you have to do is add water. If you use the baking method, you still get all the good cumin and coriander flavors of the signature Trader Joe’s falafel flavor, its just a little tougher to get the restaurant quality texture. They sometimes lack a uniform crunch unless you cook them beyond the baking time, which then can dry out the inside. Either way though, you can’t really go wrong with this Trader Joe’s falafel mix, especially for the under $3 price ………….

  • Made with fava beans, chickpeas and spices
  • Net Weight: 16 oz
  • Just add water for a really tasty falafel

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Trader Joe’s Falafel

These little balls of flavor are legit. Only the savviest of foodies will be able to tell these are out of a box mix. Seriously. Maybe you can make your own homemade tzatziki or hummus to make up for the guilt you might feel for the ease of cooking the TJs mix. Or you could just buy some tahini, tzatziki and hummus from Trader Joe’s and have a fantastic Middle Eastern feast (you could at least grill the Trader Joe’s Chicken Shawarma thighs so you did something!). Let me know which method of making this mix everyone prefers. Or maybe like for me, it really just depends on how much time you have and how lazy you are feeling! The recipe on the box still has to be followed, and that takes energy…..

Price: $2.99

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