Trader Joe’s Egg Rolls, Chicken

These Trader Joe’s egg rolls, which are a unique take on traditional egg rolls found in different cultures, have a really strong and delicious flavor. Anyone who has cooked these knows that the smell of basil, garlic and ginger fills your house for hours after they are made. As usual with TJs products, there’s no super unhealthy ingredients in these Trader Joe’s egg rolls, especially compared to national brands. I like to use Gyoza dipping sauce with these, or just sprinkle some soy sauce over the top of them to give them a nice sweetness. And if you insist on microwaving these, just wrap them in a moist paper towel to keep them decently moist…….

  • Made with all white meat chicken
  • Pungent flavors of ginger, garlic and basil squeezed inside the egg roll wrapper
  • A good value with 5 coming in each package

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Trader Joe’s Chicken Spring Rolls

These spring rolls have a really nice crisp wrapper when you put them in a skillet with a little bit of oil and cook them for just a few minutes on each side. As much as I love to microwave frozen meals like this because it can be so much less of a hassle, these say that microwaving is not recommended. The thing is, because the Trader Joe’s egg roll wrapper is so much better when it is crispy, these are the rare Trader Joe’s frozen meal that is actually worth cooking in the oven or on your skillet. These spring rolls also come in a vegetable variety. If you’re used to just standard egg rolls, I think people will love these because of how much more balanced the flavors are, instead of just a deep fried taste (which is of course delicious too!)

Price: $3.99

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