Trader Joe’s Dish Soap, Lavender Tea Tree

This Trader Joe’s dish soap has a really nice scent, lacks a lot of junk ingredients that other liquid soaps have, and does a decent job of cleaning. It may not have the cleaning power of national brands like Dawn that have a lot more odd ingredients in them, but it gets the job done. And priced at under $3 for 25 ounces, it’s not a bad value. I like the citrus scent a tad better than this lavender tea tree smell, but both are pleasant. If you’re just cleaning up everyday dishes or light grease, this Trader Joe’s liquid dish soap definitely does the trick. I would say if you have some super heavy duty grease or messes, then maybe go for something a little stronger…….…….

  • Plant derived, biodegradable and hypo allergenic
  • No artificial colors
  • Net Weight: 25 oz
  • Comes in Lavender tea tree oil and Citrus scent

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Liquid Dish Soap with Lavender Tea Tree Scent at Trader Joe’s

This Trader Joe’s dish soap is really nice to clean dishes with since it suds up a decent amount and the smell isn’t super strong and artificial like a lot of the national brands. Plus, it’s the only liquid soap you can buy at Trader Joe’s so it’s super convenient. What is everyone’s favorite dish soap scent? I’m also really curious to know if people find that this works as well as brands like Dawn? And if you can’t make it to TJs, check these products out…..

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Dish Soap, Cruelty Free Formula, Lavender Scent, 16 oz- Pack of 3

Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap (4x19oz) + Non-Scratch Sponge (2ct), Original Scent (Packaging May Vary), Combo pack

Price: $2.99

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