Trader Joe’s Cream Cheese, Onion and Chive

This Trader Joe’s cream cheese with onion and chive is a delicious and spreadable cream cheese that goes perfectly with an everything bagel. TJs has mixed in a good amount of onions and chives to give it a nice old school deli flavor. Spread this on bagels, make a dip out of it, or even spice up a buffalo chicken dip with this! I like buying the kettle boiled bagels that some Trader Joe’s carry and spreading this deliciousness on it while it’s still hot. This spreads perfectly and has a really good balanced and not overwhelming flavor to it.

The regular Trader Joe’s cream cheese also has nice taste to it, and when you feel like something sweet, there is nothing better than the pumpkin cream cheese on a cinnamon raisin bagel. But for an old school schmear, this is the best stuff to go with. Just make sure some lox and whitefish is around too!….…….

  • 80 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 8 oz
  • Kosher

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Cream Cheese at Trader Joe’s

TJ’s has several different varieties of cream cheese, but I think the onion and chive one and the pumpkin cream cheese spread are my two favorites. If you’re just looking for plain old cream cheese or whipped cream cheese, you can find it cheaper at places like Aldi. But for flavored cream cheese, Trader Joe’s seems to have the best combination of selection, pricing and ingredients. I bet there are some delicious recipes you can make with this. Does anyone have any appetizers they stuff with this cream cheese to add some flavor?! I have made stuffed jalapenos peppers wrapped in bacon with this cream cheese, but because its spreadable, I prefer the regular cream cheese texture when it bakes in the pepper!…..

Price: $1.99

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