Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Concentrate, 100% Arabica

This Trader Joe’s cold brew concentrate is a strong tasting 32 oz jug of coffee concentrate that is super easy to mix with water and/or milk for a pretty good tasting cup of coffee. It suggests on the label to mix 1 part coffee concentrate to 2 parts water or milk, and I’ve found that ratio works pretty well. You can have this hot or cold, but the smooth, low acidity of the cold brew shines a lot more when you drink it cold. This is one of many different TJ’s cold brew coffee products now that the trend has taken off. There’s the cold brew latte bars, the nitro cold brew in the refrigerated section, and even cold brew bags that you can steep in a pitcher with water overnight…….…….

  • Makes 12- 8 oz cups
  • Net Weight: 32 oz
  • Ingredients are coffee and filtered water

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Cold Brew Concentrate at Trader Joe’s

TJ’s has really embraced the cold brew trend in the last few years, so I was glad to see you can buy this cold brew coffee concentrate for a pretty decent deal considering how many glasses you can get out of this for under $8. As we all know, buying cold brew at a coffee shop can be crazy expensive, and this delivers a lot of the same smoothness of a coffee shop made cup. What is everyone’s favorite cold brew coffee product at TJs? I do really like the little mini glass bottle of Trader Joe’s nitro cold brew, but that can be a tad pricey at almost $4. Either way, cold brew is a great way to get your caffeine fix without all the bitterness or acidity of a traditionally brewed cup of hot coffee!…..

Price: $7.99

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