Trader Joe’s Boxed Wine, Block Red

These Trader Joe’s Boxed wines are a really good value, easy to take on the go, and don’t taste too bad. The Block Red Australian Shiraz red wine varietal is one of the better tasting box wines I’ve had, especially at a price of under $13, which comes out to about $3.25 per bottle. It doesn’t have the most delicate or balanced taste, but this is actually very drinkable, as long as you go in with the right expectations. Plus, these are so easy to open, use for a party or bbq, and then just put back in the fridge. They last seemingly forever after they’re opened (Trader Joe’s label says 45 days), and are the perfect alcohol to have around just in case………….

  • 13% alcohol by volume
  • Net Weight: 3 Liters (equivalent to 4 regular wine bottles)
  • Comes in a few different white wine and red wine varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Rose, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay

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Trader Joe’s Shiraz Box Wine

Trader Joe’s now sells a bunch of different varieties of not just red and white boxed wine, but also boxed sangria. These must sell really well because they always seem to be adding a different grape or alcohol to their boxed wine selection. What is everyone’s favorite varietal of boxed wine, both red and white? If anyone has made a fun summery drink with these by adding Trader Joe’s seltzers I’d love to know! I bet the Trader Joe’s Seltzers with a Splash would go really well on ice with some of these box wines. In general, Trader Joe’s boxed wine tastes good, is priced really, really cheap, and gets the job done. Just make sure to have enough fridge space for the big old box…..

Price: $12.99

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