Trader Joe’s Black Bean Pasta, Organic Rotini

This Trader Joe’s black bean pasta is a great alternative to traditional pastas and has a good taste and texture, assuming you don’t make the easy mistake of overcooking it. The fact that you can buy organic black bean pasta for under $3 with just one ingredient is amazing considering how few and far between pasta alternatives were not that long ago. These little rotini black bean pastas have a deep, dark color to them and absorb different sauces and flavors really well. They do still have a subtle black bean flavor to them. I think the best way to cook these is to boil them to al dente, and nothing more. These cook faster than you think and will turn into a bean mush if they are overcooked!………….

  • 190 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 12 oz
  • Only ingredient is organic black bean flour

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Rotini Black Bean Pasta at Trader Joe’s

This black bean pasta is just one of a few different black bean items at TJ’s, including the Trader Joe’s black bean dip and organic black beans. I love this as a healthier alternative to straight up pasta, but I sometimes want to reach for these but end up giving in to my craving for real pasta! What is everyone’s favorite recipe or way to make these little rotinis? Are there some people out there that eat low carb or try and stick with legumes that have really unique or creative ways to use this? How would everyone compare this pasta to Trader Joe’s red lentil pasta? If anyone has a go to sauce they use for black bean pasta, I would love to know! If I could only have the willpower to stick to these exclusively instead of regular pasta…..

Price: $2.99

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One thought on “Trader Joe’s Black Bean Pasta, Organic Rotini

  1. Where can I buy it? I LOVE this product. The Trader Joe’s near me doesn’t carry it any more.

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