Trader Joe’s Banana Bread

This banana bread mix is really delicious! It strikes a perfect balance between sweet and banana-y (is that a word?). I followed the easy directions for the recipe of vegetable oil, eggs and water and when it started cooking the smell was insanely good. It has a great dense texture to it almost like a pound cake. I almost covered it with cream cheese frosting but then looked at the banana bread nutrition and separate frosting ingredients and resisted. Your kids will love this Trader Joe’s banana bread, even if they don’t love bananas or ‘fruit’ breads that sometimes gross out kids. I still haven’t tried the Trader Joe’s banana bread recipe on the back of the box but wow does that sound amazing and look like something I would definitely mess up! …….

  • Amazing smell of banana when baking
  • Try the recipe on the back of the box and let me know if it’s good!
  • Can be made with 3 ingredients
  • Net Weight: 15 oz

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Trader Joe’s Banana Bread Mix

I made both the loaf and the muffins with this TJ’s banana bread mix and I think I prefer making 6 huge banana muffins. There is something about a massive warm muffin that you cut into and then slather with butter. Let me know any fun variations you’ve tried with this mix. I’ve heard you can do a combo of this and other holiday Trader Joe’s bread mixes for like a weird crossover bread. Is this really true? Has anyone tried crazy combos? What about something like a Pumpkinana holiday bread. I need to trademark that. Pumpkinana Bread has a really nice ring to it. OK, next on my list is the Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread mix! Stay tuned…

Price: $2.69

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One thought on “Trader Joe’s Banana Bread

  1. This was a terrible product– I greased the pan like told, baked as told, inserted stick to check for doneness and it came out CLEAN–let it cool for 10 minutes and when I tried to remove the load–it stuck to the freakin pan….BOOO on TJ

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