Trader Joe’s Bacon, Apple Smoked

This Trader Joe’s bacon has a great apple smoked flavor and crisps up really nicely. I like to line a pyrex with tin foil and lay out the strips of this bacon then bake it at 400 degrees until it gets super crispy. Then you can pour the bacon grease into a cup and freeze it. This bacon grease has an awesome smoked flavor to it when you cook with it later. You can of course crisp up the bacon in a skillet or put it in the microwave. Trader Joe’s has had a bunch of different variations of bacon over the years, and this is among my favorites. The new no sugar bacon is also good, but doesn’t have the unique apple smoke flavor like this does. Whatever bacon you buy, you really can’t go wrong………….

  • 90 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 12 oz
  • Uncured and apple smoked
  • Stronger flavor than Trader Joe’s Black Forest Bacon

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Trader Joe’s Uncured Bacon

There is nothing bad about bacon, and that’s a fact. I like putting bacon on a salad, eating it with eggs, and making BLTs. Sometimes I can be found just eating a bunch of slices that I recently cooked and are still hot. I tell myself I’ll just have a slice or two and then the hot grease and crispy bacon flavor hit me. And four or five sliced later I am fat and happy. What recipes does everyone like to use bacon in if you don’t just eat it by itself? One of my favorites is buying Trader Joe’s mini sweet peppers, cutting them open and stuffing them with cream cheese. Then wrapping them in this bacon and baking them until the bacon is crispy. That’s one of my all time favorite low carb snacks …..

Price: $4.49

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