Trader Joe’s Almond Croissants

These Trader Joe’s almond croissants are easy to make and absolutely delicious. After you let them sit for about 6 hours, pop them in the oven and they come out golden and crispy. The sweet almond filling. The almonds on top. And the buttery, crunchy outside make for a great pastry. They aren’t overly sweet but you definitely get a good almond taste combined with the buttery richness of the dough. Yes, you still have to proof them for at least 6 hours, but other than a little waiting around, these couldn’t be any easier to make. They may not be as good as the croissants at your favorite bakery, but these taste great, and are a great deal at under $5 for four croissants…….…….

  • 340 calories per croissant
  • Net Weight: 12 oz
  • Great crispy almond taste

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Trader Joe’s Croissants, Almond

TJs has a few different varieties of frozen croissants, but there aren’t any that I don’t really like. From the mini croissants to the Trader Joe’s chocolate croissants, TJ’s knows how to make pastries that are easy to make and taste delicious. What is everyone’s favorite croissant from Trader Joe’s? I love the almond croissants and plain mini ones. The chocolate ones are good too, but is a white chocolate croissant too much to ask for? Probably actually since I’ve never seen one anywhere. Let me know your favorite recipes or ways to eat these pillowy, almondy flavor pouches. They are already so rich that sometimes I feel guilty that I slather on some more butter or jam. But indulging is kind of the point of pastries isn’t it? Especially super rich croissants. The point is, these are yet another winner from the TJ’s frozen dessert aisle of goodness. Give these items a try if you can’t make it to TJs……

Odense Almond Paste, 7-ounce (Pack of 2)

La Boulangere Pains Au Chocolat, Chocolate Croissants, Individually Wrapped, Non GMO, Free From Artificial Flavors & Colors, 16-Count

Price: $4.49

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