Trader Joe’s Almond Butter Almonds

These Trader Joe’s almond butter almonds are a new product for 2021 and are deliciously salty and crunchy with a subtle sweetness. These are dangerous to keep around since you can easily dust an entire bag in one sitting. They come in an 8 ounce bag for under $4, but I think I could have eaten then entire bag if they were double the size! Trader Joe’s almond butter is one of my favorite items at the store, so having that flavor mixed with a crunchy and sweet glazed almond is a revelation. Give these a shot if you haven’t already, and I’m guessing they’ll become one of your go to nut snacks…….…….

  • 170 calories per serving
  • Net Weight: 8 oz
  • 8 grams of sugar per serving
  • New in store around February 2021

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Almond Butter Almonds at Trader Joe’s

The almond butter trend has been in full force for a few years now, and thankfully TJs has been cranking out really good almond butter products at a good rate. These Trader Joe’s almond butter almonds sort of straddle the line of nut and candy, and make you feel like you aren’t eating something completely healthy since they have a ton of protein and nutrients. What does everyone think of these almonds compared to other Trader Joe’s flavored almonds or other nuts? I’m curious if people think they’d eat these routinely like regular nuts or if you’d save these for more of a special snacking occasion! And if you can’t make it out to TJs, give these items a try…..

TJ‘s Almond Butter Almonds – Roasted, Salted Almonds Covered in a Sweetened Butter Coating

BARNEY Almond Butter, Smooth, No Stir, Non-GMO, Skin-Free, Paleo Friendly, KETO, 16 Ounce

Price: $3.99

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