Trader Joe’s Keto Collagen, Chocolate Powder

This Trader Joe’s keto collagen powder with mct oil is chocolate flavored, from grass fed cows, and has a rich chocolatey taste to it without a gross aftertaste. This keto collagen chocolate powder is made by Superior Source and contains real cocoa powder and uses Stevia as the sweetener. This is perfect for adding to your morning coffee, mixing into oatmeal, or blending with your daily smoothie. Keep in mind Trader Joe’s sells a few different collagen powders, including their grass fed collagen hydrolysate one that is made by Great Lakes Gelatin Co. I know a lot of people use collagen powder regularly so being able to buy it without a bunch of added junk ingredients added to it at a reasonable price is huge………….

  • Gluten free and dairy free
  • Net Weight: 14 oz
  • 10 grams of protein per serving
  • Contains MCT oil from coconut oil
  • Dietary supplement found in Trader Joe’s health and vitamin aisle

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Trader Joe’s Keto Collagen Powder by Superior Source

This keto collagen chocolate powder is a super healthy way to get a ton of nutrients without having to force down a gross tasting powder. Does everyone prefer this chocolate collagen powder to the plain ones? If people have a go to collagen powder I’d love to hear why they use that particular one. And if you have a favorite recipe or food/drink you add this powder to, let me know! This is a good value priced at $19.99 considering it often sells on Amazon for a decent amount more. If you can’t make it to TJs, give these items a shot…..

Superior Source Keto Collagen Protein Powder Chocolate – Grass Fed Collagen Peptides with MCT Oil, Gluten Free, Paleo Friendly

Orgain Keto Collagen Protein Chocolate Powder with MCT Oil Net Wt 1lbs, 1lb

Price: $19.99

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7 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Keto Collagen, Chocolate Powder

  1. Just bought this and have been using it for a week. I put in my water bottle with ice and shake it…it tastes great and mixes well. I actually add two more scoops of (Unflavored) MCT powder which equates to a bit more than a tablespoon of MCT OIL. I’ve had some bad reactions when I overdue the oil (like two tablespoons at a time) just because I didn’t understand how fast it goes through your system…lol. Anyway, I don’t see actual benefits or results from the product yet but can say it’s easy and tastes pretty good.

  2. I just finished a container of this and can say the taste is delicious. I put it in my morning coffee and it gives me the mocha taste I was hoping for. As for the results, I can say without a doubt my nails are much, much healthier! They use to be very soft and if I grew them out for any length, they would bend and be painful. Not anymore! I am now a total believer in collagen and I will continue to buy this yummy tasting health product. I’m hoping they come out with more flavors too. I’ll buy them all!

    1. I blend my powder with raw spinach, coconut milk and berries whenever I’m craving chocolate…it hits the spot!

  3. I want to buy this powder from Trader Joe’s. . I want to know if this is vegetarian friendly (or does it have any meat products?)


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