Trader Joe’s Freeze Dried Strawberries

These Trader Joe’s freeze dried strawberries are crunchy, fairly sweet and a great way to add real strawberry flavor to things. You can sprinkle these over your yogurt, make freeze dried strawberry powder, or just eat them right out of the bag! This little 1.2 ounce bag sells for a price of $3.29, but supposedly has 12 ounces (3/4 of a pound) of strawberries in it. That’s a lot of fruit that goes into making a small amount of freeze dried fruit. If you haven’t tried any of Trader Joe’s dried fruit, definitely give these a shot. And if you can’t make it out to TJs, check out these products………….

Trader Joe’s Dried Fruit Freeze Dried Strawberries Unsweetened and Unsulfured 1.2 OZ (3 Pack )

Nature Restore USDA Certified Organic Freeze Dried Strawberry Powder, 8 Ounces, Non GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan

Augason Farms Freeze Dried Sliced Strawberries 6.4 oz

  • 120 calories per container
  • 15 grams of sugar per container
  • Net Weight: 1.2 oz
  • Unsweetened and Unsulfured

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Freeze Dried Strawberries at Trader Joe’s

I love all the Trader Joe’s freeze dried fruit, but especially the freeze dried grapes, which are incredibly crunchy and sweet. These freeze dried strawberries are also delicious, but just with a tad different subtle taste. And the one thing about all freeze dried fruit, unless you make freeze dried strawberry powder with it, is that it sticks to your teeth like crazy! But it’s well worth it because getting such concentrated flavor in a little resealable bag that keeps in your pantry for a long time is hard to do. What is everyone’s favorite Trader Joe’s freeze dried fruit? I know that freeze dried apples are also amazing so I’ll have to try those at TJ’s soon!…..

Price: $3.49

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