Trader Joe’s Fermented Garlic, Black Garlic

This Trader Joe’s fermented garlic is an earthy, sweet and umami flavored little jar of goodness. Black garlic is roasted at low temperatures for a long time that turns it black and imparts an incredibly deep and slightly sweet umami flavor. You basically can use this any way you’d use regular garlic in different recipes. I was reminded by some readers that Trader Joe’s has sold fermented garlic in the past in a sealed little pouch, as opposed to this little 1.02 ounce glass jar that’s priced at $2.99 (well below most groceries price if they carry it at all). Products like this generally don’t become permanent items so I would try and get out to TJs soon if you want to snag a jar!………….

  • Ingredients are dried ground black garlic and rice hull (anti caking agent)
  • Net Weight: 1.02 oz
  • Product of South Africa

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Trader Joe’s Black Garlic, Fermented Garlic

There are so many delicious recipes that call for ground fermented black garlic. How does everyone like to use this in recipes for sauces, soups, pasta or anything else? I’d love to know what everyone thinks of this fermented garlic and if they’ve had black garlic from other groceries before. Either way, you should pick up a bottle and at least give it a try since the flavor really is unique. And when the price is under $3, it’s sort of a no brainer to keep a jar in your pantry. If you can’t make out to TJs in person, give these items a try…..

MW Polar Black Garlic, 8.8 Ounce (250grams)

RioRand Black Garlic 908g / 2 Pounds Whole Peeled Black Garlic Aged for Full 90 Days Black Garlic Jar Equal to 4lbs of Whole Black Garlic (908g / 2 Pound)

Price: $2.99

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4 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Fermented Garlic, Black Garlic

  1. I have checked two Trader Joe’s in Tampa Bay for the Black Garlic, but they say it is seasonal. Will it be back later this year? I am longing to try it!!


    1. JudyAnn, Thanks for the comment on fermented garlic. Sometimes products like the Trader Joe’s black garlic are called seasonal, and then they reappear without warning, so I’d keep your eyes out just in case. I hope you can try it soon!

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